Main features of the technical analysis software Aldexia

Search engine for technical analysis & detection of Japanese candlesticks

Logiciel d'analyse technique et détection des chandeliers japonais Aldexia
The search engine dedicated to technical analysis allows you to scan all the stocks in a market and to highlight only those stocks that meet one or more technical analysis criteria. The search engine of the Aldexia software allows the detection of the main characteristic figures formed by the Japanese candlesticks. Japanese candlestick figures and technical analysis criteria can be combined to carry out a more complex search.

The Adx scripting language

Langage de script d'analyse technique ADX
The Adx scripting language allow to define complex rules based on technical analyses. Once your technical analysis rules have been defined, it is possible to scan one or more markets in order to highlight all the values validating these rules. To help you to define your technical analysis rules, the Aldexia software has a debugging tool that will allow you to refine your technical analysis rules for a greater reliability and thus limit false positives.